Saturday, May 8, 2010

I've got 10

There are numerous reasons why tonight's Saturday Night Live is one of the best episodes of SNL from the past few seasons. I have 10. (in order of appearance)
1. Betty White. While her resurgence as somewhat of a cultural maven has been strange and quick, she didn't disappoint. She did exactly what we wanted her to do, and every now and then she thew in something so off-colored, so ridiculous, and so offensive that you couldn't help but to laugh harder.
2. The opening sketch is often a throw-away. It's an Obama sketch or something political that isn't really that funny but they need a place to make fun of whoever has been obnoxious this week. But every now and then, they do something awesome and tonight was just that. By bringing out Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon, they kicked the show into overdrive before it even got started. And they knew that by putting Betty and Kristen Wiig in there that it was the perfect batch of funny, but more than that, it was the perfect SNL moment, celebrating the fact that the women are the funniest part of the show and that's who we want to see.
3. NPR. I will admit to freaking out when I saw the outside of our beloved public radio station, knowing that only funny can happen there. And it did. Betty may not have been as funny as our favorite girls Ana and Molly, but that muffin funny.
4. Having Jay-Z on the show is a big deal in that he is a big deal. Really, he almost wasn't going to make the list because he didn't bring Beyonce out. Let's face it, it was a night about women and she should have been there. But then he started singing 99 Problems. Wait. This is a mini-concert. Perfection.
5. I should have known. I should have known that she would do it, but when Maya Rudolph came onto Weekend Update as Whitney Houston, I about lost it. She's perfection and was the best part of Weekend Update...
6. Until Sally O' Mally. Are you kidding me?! I mean, at this point, I'm flippin out like someone just gave me exactly what I wanted for Christmas without first asking me, which is what Molly Shannon was to me tonight...a gift. The most perfect gift...
7. Until I saw the word "Really?! With Seth and Amy." It was like this moment of complete television rapture and I, having just watched Tina Fey's episode recently knew that it was only a matter of time until "Really?! With Seth, Amy and Tina." That made me just feel great about the state of television. It was the perfect Weekend Update reunion moment.
8. Betty White acting black. Enough said.
9. Then Kenan made that incredible shrieking sound during that same sketch with Betty acting black and I just thought it was perfection...
10. Until "Thank you for being a friend." Now I have a long and sorted history with this song and I don't know why I didn't think about them doing something with it, but when the cast was singing it, it made complete sense. Now I won't act like I didn't see the change of musical direction coming, I knew something would happen, but the aftermath of Betty White was about as genius as it comes and the fact that she said "Happy Mothers Day Motha F*****," well that was just about the funniest thing of the entire night.
So there it is. My rundown of the 10 best moments of the night. I was nervous initially that it wouldn't be good because I'm sure you've seen how SNL has been very hit or miss this season, but luckily this was a home run.

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Anonymous said...

"Thank You For Being a Friend" is the biggest travesty that has ever happened to American Television, and for them to sing it on SNL completely ruined the whole episode for me.