Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I feel love

I will start by saying that I know I sound an awful lot like Frank Navasky who was obsessed with his typewriter, but I can't help but write about it.
It's no shocker that I love television, but today was the day that I realized that television loves me too. Isn't that the best thing you've ever heard?! Television loves me! It really loves me!
Now I know that my readers are far too intellectual and savvy to just take that at word value so I've got the proof.
My birthday is coming up in about three weeks. I love my birthdays. Not because I crave the gifts. Nah. That doesn't really matter. What I love is that it's an excuse for people to drop what they are doing and hang out with me. So I love that I'm able to spend time with the people that I care about. Well, it stands to reason that I care more about television than I care about most people. We all know that. So how better to spend my birthday than with the thing that I love?
Television has finally understood just how much of my life I've given to it and so it's rewarding me and giving me the greatest gift for my birthday.
The day before my birthday? True Blood starts.
The day after my birthday? Kathy Griffin starts.
The day after the day after my birthday? Top Chef starts.
AND - the night before my birthday, in conjunction with True Blood, the Tonys will be on. I don't know that it gets much better than that. Really. It doesn't. Granted, the shows nominated for the Tonys this year aren't really that spectacular, but it's still going to be a night celebrating the convergence of the two things I love most in this life. Broadway on television.
So - as I have for most of my life, I've started celebrating early. I may even start watching a new show. If you remember, last summer I got caught up on 5 or 6 shows. Well, I don't plan on aiming at something like that this summer. I've got too many other things to do. But perhaps I will watch one? I don't plan on Psyching myself out or anything, but I may add another show to my repertoire. A small gift to myself.

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Julie said...

Perhaps you will watch one new show this summer? Is that hope I feel dawning? You will thank me one day. It's inevitable.