Friday, May 21, 2010

Back in the nook again

There are days for starting.
There are days for stopping.
There are days for newness.
There are days for staying on course.
There are days that change us.
There are days that define us.

Having said all of those things, I'd like to instead talk about my nook.
See, there's this nook in my bedroom that I love but didn't realize that I loved it until today. It's at the foot of my bed, right next to my DVD tower. I didn't realize that I loved the nook until tonight, when I sat there, staring at the hundreds of DVDs on the shelves. Sure, I was just trying to figure out what movie to watch as I was falling asleep, but I realized that it's in that nook that I zone out and rest. Suddenly, I'm reliving dozens of moments where I'm sitting there, staring at rows and rows of movies, completely zoned out and completely comfortable. The only reason I snapped out of it to write this was that my phone buzzed across the room.
I'm going to miss my nook and I didn't know it until today, just mere days before I move out of my fantastic Apartment 3. But the important part is that I know now, possibly elevating the meaning of my apartment even more.

Back to the profound.
Today was defining for me, and not just because of the nook. No. Because of the book.
I finished the book that I've been working on for a solid year. Turned in, completed, and finished. So when I left my office (after I did the cliche turn over my shoulder, look at the empty office, smile and turn out the lights), I didn't quite know what to do with myself. A chapter just ended. So as I sit here and watch them pack up Carrie's apartment for the last time, (the next movie comes out in a week. You mean to tell me you aren't marathoning Sex too?) and I look around at the boxes all around mine, I'm not sad. Mildly depressed, but not sad. I'm hopeful. Today defined the end of a chapter in my life. A year long chapter with a book. And in a few days, another chapter of my life will end. A four year long chapter with a nook.
But you can bet that I'll sit in that nook for a little while longer tonight, and think about what's the next chapter.
Here's to the next chapter.

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