Sunday, May 16, 2010

Apt 3

Tonight was a sad night. It was the last time that my best friend and I would be in our apartment together. Please understand, he graduated a year ago and moved out, but he's been down here so much for one reason or another that it hasn't felt like much has changed.
But since this was graduation weekend and all of our best friends were graduating, he was here for the weekend. Well when he was leaving, we realized this would be the last time that we were both in our apartment where we have lived for four years.
So what's the big deal? We're best friends, we will see each other again and talk all the time. But it doesn't matter. It's the end of an era.
You see, our apartment has been the center of activity. It's been the place where our group has congregated, gone after events, held parties, etc.
That apartment was the site of the first family Thanksgiving where a plate caught on fire, we had a cornucopia and we decorated Christmas tree ornaments. We celebrated Christmas in July, birthdays of friends and side-dish parties for no reason at all. It was the site of Superbowl parties, American Idol watching parties, game nights and chicken-parties. It saw fights, tears, and more laughter than I thought possible. We kept the obnoxious girls downstairs awake with singing too loudly, we had Christmas parties in our pajamas (one of which ended with a barefoot screaming match outside), we spray painted indoors, and had all our families over for cookouts.
We stayed up all night confessing all the sorted details of our lives, we've spent entire days there watching marathons of Top Model, just so we could see her scream at that girl and we've done some screaming ourselves. We've screamed and fought and thrown things, we've screamed in excitement about new jobs, grad schools and winning acts, but more importantly, we've fought for our friendships.
It's been a place for crying best friends to come in the middle of the night, it's been the place where we've sat on the couches and worked through things, and it's held the silence of people not knowing what to say to each other. We put a person-sized hole in the wall, we've broken chairs, couches and tvs, and it's featured in the background in hundreds of pictures on facebook.
Apartment 3 was a really great place to be.
So, just like when Monica and the gang leave their apartment, remembering all of the things that took place there, we had that moment tonight. I'm sure I will have it again in a week when I fully move out, but if a home is the people in it, this home got moved out of tonight. Last week, the gang had our final night in the apartment. We played the game we created there, we cried about our time together and had a really perfect evening. And that's what I will remember about Apartment 3, that it was the perfect place to be. It wasn't the nicest apartment in the world and it stood near a Krispy Kreme donut knock-off sign, but it was home. A really great home.

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