Monday, May 24, 2010

After 6 years, I'm right.

As I read the idiocy that's being written on facebook about this, I felt like I needed to speak on it. I was going to keep quiet and just let it be, but in the face of the ridiculousness that's being written, I have a need to stand up.
As someone who A) thinks that Lost will go down as one of the best television shows of all time and B) has spent the past 2 years of my life studying interpersonal relationships, I can tell you, without a doubt or question, that the finale of Lost was exactly what it needed to be. I can also tell you that if you disagree with me on that point, you are, in fact, wrong. Here's how:
This was never a show about mystery or about the suspense of what the island was about. If you thought that's what this show was about, then you are a surface television viewer (STV). While there is nothing wrong with being an STV, this wasn't the show for you then. STVs need to watch Everybody Loves Raymond or CSI. The island was a mere framework for this larger concept of what it meant to be Lost.
The reason the finale was brilliant is because it wasn't focused on what the island was. No. It was focused on the relationships between the people that were there. Did you not see that every single person that loved on the island, also lost on the island? The way that the finale was able to bring completion to the character's lives was something that was simple and brilliant.
I feel like I could major in watching television. I watch A LOT of TV. And I've seen my fair share of series finales. But there are very few that are able to wrap up an entire series like this show did. Sure, Friends made us cry and Will and Grace reminded us of the true depth of a life-altering friendship. But this was different. This finale actually DID wrap up the entire series, in a way that wasn't corny or cheesy, rather, in a way that both reminded the audience of all these characters have been through and at the same time, bringing a finality and closure to the stories. It even brought back characters that haven't been seen since the first season, proving that everything that happened throughout this entire journey has been for a purpose.
Here's the thing. If you wanted to know about the polar bear, or what exactly the light is, or why the smoke monster exists, you weren't really watching this show. This show was about people who were lost. Lost in their troubles. Lost in their inabilities. Lost in their pain. Lost in their fears. This was a show about redemption of the lost. In each instance, these people were able to find redemption and be the ending metaphorical or existential, it doesn't matter. Aren't we all seeking redemption in some form or another anyways? Call it forgiveness of sins, call it atonement, call is repentance. Call it whatever you want, but mankind is seeking to redeem itself from it's past mistakes.
THAT is why this finale was so profound and brilliant. THAT is why it was the perfect way for this series to end. And THAT is why if you disagree with me, you're wrong.

I usually feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this...nope. Sorry. I'm right. So to the STVs: I understand that there's nothing I can say to you to help you cope with all of what you believe to be "unanswered questions," but I can tell you that while we may have been watching the same program at the same time slot, we were not, in fact, watching the same show.


robyn blaikie collins said...

i would like to thank you. thank you for boiling it down and doing the deeper thinking for me. i have struggled throughout the series with the timelines and the back and forth of current time to past time... i wish i had read this at the beginning because i wouldn't have fretted... i would've just enjoyed the relationships. that's the interesting part anyway... but i got bogged down by logistics. dangit! i hate that i wasted this opportunity. thanks for breaking it down for me... i was so lost.

Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary. I agree the one element that made LOST such a unique and captivating series was the relationships. I cant remember a TV series that moved me like this show. Glad to see that some people "got it" Thanks!
-Keith Mathis