Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer lovin

It's summer movie season (it's official once Entertainment Weekly's Summer Movie Preview issue comes out) and so I thought I would enlighten you to the films that I am most looking forward to so that you will know where to find me (except for half of the summer, I will be in London so you would have to trek a ways to find me there. But never fear. I will be blogging daily about what's going on over there, people I see, experiences I experience, and people with bad teeth but dreamy accents)

The first film is clearly Iron Man 2. Let's face it, the first one was awesome. It really was. The kind of awesome that comes out of nowhere and you're surprised when the movie is over. AND, it finally gave Paltrow something to do and let's be honest, she needed something to do. What has she done since Shakespeare in Love? She wore a pink dress, won an Oscar for being pretty, and her mother was Will's mom on Will and Grace. She needed to stare at someone in a metal suit.

The next film is Eat Pray Love, the big girlie book that a billion women have read and Oprah called a 'woooooorld wiiiiiiide eveeeeeeeent!' Julia Roberts is in it. That's it. That's enough for me. Next film.

That film is Prince of Persia. Now look, I'm gonna be really honest with you. I don't so much play video games and when the trailer for this movie came out, all I saw was a movie with people fighting. I didn't even compute that it was based on a video game. But that's fine. It is. And I can't wait to see it. And it's got that girl from Clash of the Titans in it. (that movie was only okay. It could have been about fifteen minutes longer to, I don't know, have a story.)

I will see the Sex and the City movie. I don't care what you think of me, I'm gonna go and see it. Here's why. The show is awesome. It's written so well, the characters and likable, and the things they talk about have no boundaries and I love that. So say what you want, I can't wait for it.

Sure there are other movies that will be great this summer but these are the ones that I am headed to regardless. I'll probably see Robin Hood (Crowe looks old and frumpy) and I will of course see Toy Story 3 (how can you not) and I'm willing to bet I will see Knight and Day (Cameron Diaz is still working her way back from The Holiday and I'm ready to like her it's fun to see how much more botox Tom Cruise has in his face since his last movie) Will I learn life lessons from these flicks? Probably so and you know that you will find them all written down right here.

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