Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost it much?

There are times when things get away from us. I'm not talking about dogs or time. No, I'm talking about dreams, ambitions, secrets and rumors. I find that we fully realize when things have gotten away from us when we are alone with nothing but our thoughts. It's then that there is a realization that something has gotten away from us.
I'm not talking about a loneliness induced realization. No. I'm just talking about a realization that happens when you're alone and there isn't someone else there to keep your mind thinking about other things.
I realize none of the above matters.
Something got away from me today and it wasn't the way I wanted it to get out. If it had been a sitcom, there would have been a really funny quip that followed it or something that would have made it better. I could just imagine Phoebe being there to say something outlandish or Tracy Morgan running in wearing a spacesuit or something. But there wasn't. Just me and my thought. My singular thought.
On Lost tonight, there was this moment when the two timelines merged together and there was this glimmer of hope for the remaining six episodes of the series. So for me, I'm waiting for that glimmer. I'm waiting for things to merge again. But for now, it's just trying not to fall into the hole that was opened for me. Cryptic much? Much.

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