Friday, April 23, 2010

Bitter with twitter

I love that we live in a digital age where information can be sent immediately to anyone on the planet basically. I do love that. Clearly, I'm writing this blog. It was immediate media that told me that one of my heroes, Tim Tebow, was drafted to the NFL, giving me a reason to watch a team besides the Cowboys.
So I do love my digital lifestyle. But my love has come back to bite me. Hard.
You see, I haven't watched the Project Runway finale yet. I have been too busy and I haven't watched it yet. I planned on watching it tonight later or tomorrow morning possibly before I go to work. So I've steered clear of all websites that might tell me who won so that I could truly enjoy it when I watched it.
But leave it to twitter to tell me who won. Top tweet when I opened the page. Thank you very much. I hate it when people do that. A couple days ago, someone on facebook posted the Kate got sent home on Dancing with the Stars and I hadn't watched it yet. Not that I care about that silly charade of a show, but I didn't want to know what happened til I fast-forwarded through the commercials on my DVR to get to the end (seriously, I can watch a reality TV results show in about 15 minutes. Don't get me started on how I can fly through an Idol results show with Seacrest and his big bag of BS)
So there is a dark side to our digital lives. A deep dark side. And that darkness bit me tonight. I was blindsided by it. Like being blindsided by a cardboard baby, there's just not a way to recover from it.

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