Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby I swear it's deja vu

I relived my childhood yesterday. It was like pieces of my upbringing were flying at me like shards of glass and I can see my terrified reflection in the glass before it ripped through me. You've seen Spider Man 2 right? You know that moment after Doc Ock loses control of the energy algae thing and all the glass shatters and Donna Murphy can see her reflection in the glass before it kills her brutally but because it's only PG-13, all you see is her falling to the ground? Right. Like that.
Except I'm still here.
Really, today has been a testament to survival. It's funny how once we look back over our lives, we are able to pick and choose what was right for us and what was a tad bit crazy. Yes. I am able to admit that there used to be some crazy on my face.
So as I held onto the roller coaster that was the out-of-body experience of seeing my life play itself out, I held my breath, hoping for it to be over soon. It's kinda terrifying to see how you grew up and where you are at now, even if you really like where you are at now. I'm comfortable with where I am now too, or at least getting there.
But I think that we should all have to go through that horrifying moment of assessing our childhoods as long as we take note of what we look like in the shards of glass flying at us. It's important to see how we've changed.

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