Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why not?

Why not just be who you are?
That's what I have to ask. Why not just be you?
Isn't it more fun being you? Isn't it more exciting? Isn't it more thrilling to be yourself? Isn't there more satisfaction in being yourself? Isn't it just better?
I don't understand pretending to be someone you're not, especially if you are dragging other people along with it. That doesn't make sense.
But I get it. As much as the western world has this idealized concept that "being true to yourself" is the ultimate form of enlightenment and "being your full self" is what keeps Oprah coming up with new episodes each week, people are still afraid of actually going through with that because who knows what will happen then.
What if everyone lived their lives to the fullest that they could? What if we all just put away the facade of who we thought people wanted us to be or didn't listen to the way that people thought we should act and were just ourselves?
What would happen? Would the world implode? I don't think so.
Would we all end up devastated? I doubt it.
Is there a chance that we could actually be happy? Maybe.
At the very least, we would know we were honest. Like when Rachel told Ross that she was in love with him. She didn't know what would happen but at least she did it. And who doesn't like to hear that they're loved? Right? So could some honesty really hurt that bad?
And remember, it took another couple years, but Rachel got off the plane. So I think she did the right thing. You should too.

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