Saturday, March 13, 2010


So I've been watching The Good Wife, I know, I caved, and it's a very heavy show to be watching episode after episode. So after I've watched a couple, I try to watch something funny afterward to elevate my mood back up to normalcy. Tonight, I chose Sex and the City.
Carrie is talking about her SSB, her 'secret single behavior' that she only does when she's alone in her apartment and I started thinking about my SSB, what it is and whether or not it's appropriate to blog about. I've decided to keep it to myself. Kinda.

Sometimes, when I'm in the shower and the radio is on, I might dance around a little. Okay. More than a little. I might be pretending that I'm Mark from So You Think You Can Dance, you know, back when the show was good. Now he's dancing with the GaGa. I don't dream about that. That's not a part of my SSB fantasy behavior.
I like to sit alone and write in my journal. That's something that is a part of my SSB. It's just not the same as when there are people around. I realize the words on the page don't really change, but the headspace does.
I watch my dirty tv shows when it's just me. That's a part of my SSB for sure. Not that I'm worried about offending anyone or anything, I just know that usually I'm the only one who watches the show. So I like to watch them alone.
I also like to sing when I'm alone. Loudly. I'm a big hit in my building. Not that they have a choice, they get to hear me whether they like it or not.
At the end of the SATC episode, Carrie tells Aiden that when she comes home, she needs an hour to be alone before conversing and answering questions. I'm the exact same way. I need time for that SSB, even if it's just in my head, before I can function with others. So SSB is very important. I think I owe my sanity to it. I mean, everyone needs to dance when no one's watching right? Carrie would approve. So would Mark.

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