Monday, March 29, 2010

So what?

So what?
I mean, isn't this something that everyone has known for a long time now? And does it even matter? Whose world is rocked because of this?
I get that it's a big deal to have it in print and no longer be speculation, but really. I don't think this is a big deal. Just like Adam or Sean Hayes. Not a big deal. We knew that we knew, they just affirmed what we knew.
And is it really news anymore? I don't know that it is. It's pretty much the social norm at this point and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't see what is actually going on out there. Agree or disagree, it's happening.
And it's not like this is some revelation to him either. This has been matter-of-fact for years, he's just letting the public in. Really, he's got a book to promote, so is this really a revelation or a clever act to get some free publicity for the memoir about a past pop star who is probably going to try to reclaim that title? Cynical? Maybe. But I believe that only cynics can see the entertainment industry for what it really is. You may quote me on that.
So what's the big deal? There's not a big deal. It's just life. His life. Not even ours. So let's move on.

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