Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I just had to start over.
My laptop gave me the blue screen of death last night (after working perfectly all morning but whatever) and today, after a quick consultation with a very nice guy at the computer place, we decided that we had to start over. We had to put down my old hard drive and everything on it and reset it to its factory condition.
A moment of silence please.
Now this would be a really easy place to compare this to when Carrie's computer died or when Chandler lost everything on Ross' computer in Barbados. But alas, I will not. I will honor the fallen.
My computer was a good computer. Kinda. It gave me all kinds of problems. But when it worked, it worked so well. I really loved Sammy the Vaio. I named him. Just now.
But now, Sammy is in a good place. A happy place. A place without a virus or .tmp files. No. He's happy.
So I'm starting over. Trevor. That's who this new computer is. Yes. I'm aware it's the same computer, just reset. But Trevor doesn't know that. All he knows is that he's new. So I will continue to help him and treat him well...until I graduate and get a brand new computer. Then Trevor's on his own.

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