Friday, March 12, 2010

The same team

I'm watching Project Runway last night and the guy who won the challenge last week finished his dress a half hour before everyone else was done. If you don't know how it all works, sometimes the winner of the challenge has immunity from the challenge the next week, meaning they can't be eliminated, and they usually decide that this is the week to "take a risk" and make something offensively ugly.
So the guy goes over to this other guy who is also in the competition and offers to help him. The other guy wasn't doing so great and had a lot to do. So the guy that can't be eliminated goes over to help the guy that can.
Really, it was a nice moment to see the two competitors working together. They're both after the same prize but for that half hour, they were on the same team.

I'm a big fan of teamwork.

Sidenote: The guy got eliminated. Oops. As great as the teamwork was, it wasn't good enough to save the ugly shark pant suit with the thong crotch. I didn't say that teamwork always ended with Heidi saying Congratulations. Sometimes, you're out. But what a great moment...while it lasted.

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