Sunday, March 21, 2010

My three-legged weekend

I had a three-legged weekend. Not like a three-legged dog kind of weekend where it's equal parts sad and endearing, but kinda like if a pogo stick had three legs. It's only supposed to have one leg but it has three for extra power. It's like an hour-long episode of The Office. Or when 30 Rock premiered and there were 2 brand new episodes instead of just one. Like that.
Leg One. I never thought that I would pay to attend a Black Eyed Peas concert. I just never saw that as something that I would do. But I did. And it was awesome. I'm stunned really. I've always kinda liked the Peas but it wasn't until this album that I really liked an entire album of theirs. So we kinda happened into getting these tickets and made a guy's weekend out of it. The show was incredible. So much energy everywhere, so much Fergie (she's very licious) and so much fun. Had us quite the time, quite the rude awakening in the morning and we were onward toward...
Leg Two: SXBW in Austin. I got tickets to the Perez party and so we went to go check it out. After waiting in the frigid line for four hours, they said the party was at capacity and we weren't getting in. Awesome. But don't worry. Even the VIPs couldn't get in. Who did we happen upon while we were outside trying to sneak in? Kevin from Project Runway. Even he, with all of his badges and VIP passes wasn't being let in. Fine. We saw the party too. It sucked. No harm, no foul, we met Kevin and ate Zone bars in line.
Leg Three:
Wait. I skipped over Rachel. Back to Leg Two.
You see, there was this girl Rachel, and she cut in line. Or at least the girls behind us thought she cut in line. So they start shouting at her from where they're at. Shall I? "Rachel! Rachel?! You need to go to the back! Rachel! We've been here! Rachel!" Rachel's appointed mouthpiece, this wretched looking girl who kept letting the wind show us the goods under her skirt said, "She's been here for four hours!" To which the lovely ladies behind us said, "We've been here four and a half! Rachel! Rachel!" It was wildly entertaining.
Leg Three: After 3 hours of sleep, we got dressed up, back in the car and headed to Houston for a set of three choir concerts, where as fate would have it, I would make a new friend. Who knew. I was there to work but after a completely random conversation, followed by an extremely enjoyable lunch, we headed back to Waco, caffeinated and singing songs from the Rent soundtrack. Yes. We did. It's random and we liked it. Don't you dare judge me.
All in all, this three-legged weekend was about as perfect as a weekend has ever been. Three cities, concerts in each place, best friends, Zone bars, coffee, and not a Dunkin Donuts in sight. Really. It was stellar. And after having slept for 11 hours last night, I'm so glad I got to share it with you.

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