Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little red frogs

I'm watching that Discovery Channel series "Life," or what should be named "Planet Earth 2.0" and I'm fascinated by these little red frogs. See, they have their frog babies in these pools of water and as they are just tadpoles, they have to transport them up into the trees to hide them in water pockets in the trees. From there, they are cared for until they have grown all their little frog arms and legs. But from there on out, they are alone. The same is true for all kinds of animals. Sea turtles are the same way. Of course in Nemo all the turtle babies are hangin out together, but in real life, they don't.
No one should have to go at it alone. So many people out there feel like they're alone and some of them really are, but there's no reason to be that way. I used to date someone who did this to themselves and they spent their time maintaining a sense of isolation from the rest of the world. They weren't happy either. I'm not saying that everyone needs people around them all the time to be happy. That isn't true in the slightest. But when I see someone who is really alone, my heart kinda collapses in on itself.
I've felt alone before. I have issues with that. So I know what it's like and when I see it, when I see little red frogs walking around alone, I wish I could fix it. I don't know that I can, in some cases I might be able to try, but in the end, just keep climbing, just keep climbing...

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