Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheetahs never prosper

So here's my issue. One of my issues. I have many. But here's one for today. Why can't Christina Aguilera do something original?
I like her. I like her music and I think she's a good balance for other singers out there. She's got the kind of voice that will keep her around and relevant. Except when she's copying others.
I dug the throwback album and the album before that, "Stripped" was as near perfection as a pop record can get. Really. It's just an absolutely exquisite collection of songs. But then she did that song at the VMAs in 2008 where she was copying Lady Gaga. You know how I feel about the Gaga so you can sense my disappointment when Christina was not only lip syncing but dressing just like the Gaga. But today, her new single cover has been released and I am brought back to my original questions about her. Why can't you do something original? She always seems one step behind Britney.
Britney. If you've read any of this at all, you know that I love her. Always have. Always will. I have stuck by her, bought all her albums, pretended it didn't break my heart when she married someone else, you know, typical fan stuff. And say what you want about her, she's a good entertainer and has had more success than these artists today will ever know. But here is Christina again, copying her, which is actually her copying Madonna, which is actually cheating.
Many people have said that the Gaga is the new Madonna. Even SNL paired them up in that AWFUL skit they did together. But the truth is, she's not. And while I'm not a crazy Madonna fan or anything, I get irritated when people compare a girl who wears a see-through plastic shirt to a woman who has made hit after hit for decades. But I guess there always has to be a "next" someone doesn't there? Why is that? Are we just so content with the fact that we constantly need new fixations that we are willing to throw titles at people just for the sake of having something to talk about? Dislike.
So Mrs. Aguilera Bratman, please do something original. We are bored with the same thing over and over again. Remember when you had to have a Coke endorsement because Britney had Pepsi? Remember how that commercial wasn't good in the slightest? Right. History teaches us nothing apparently.

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