Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can't do it anymore

You know, the first time I saw Supersize Me, I was grossed out. But tonight, when I saw it again, it was like something inside of me was screaming, "You're older! Stay away! Fast food is going to kill you! Run!"
Of course the problem isn't in the food, it's in the fast. We keep going to it because it's fast. There are other foods that are better and healthier, but not as fast. It would be easier if there was a restaurant that was equally as cheap and equally as convenient to eat at that wasn't bad for you. Alas, eating right requires more work. And no, I don't think that eating at McDonalds has ever left anyone feeling fit and fine.
So I'm giving it up, as much as possible. Sometimes on trips and stuff you can't get around it. But on a daily basis, we sure can. So here it is, printed out. I just can't do it anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Subway is fast and much healthier!

P.S.- This is me, reading your blog. I think you know who I am.