Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adding some flair

I was editing my facebook profile and the things on it today and I came across my flair wall. Remember when having a flair wall was the biggest thing and every gave everyone else flair? It was like the internet became giant suspenders from TGI Fridays.
Well I was looking through the flair that I had put on there or that people had given me and I realized something. Maybe the flair thing wasn't as dorky as we thought? Maybe there is something kinda great about it? I mean, when I looked through my flair, pretty much anything that anyone would need to know about me was there in those little dots.
I mean it. How often does something so well represent who we are like our flair walls did? There, out in the open for everyone to see, in one place, were these colorful pictures that told our story. Even the snarkey things that people wish they could say out loud but don't say were there on those buttons. That's not so much a problem for me because I tend to say what I'm thinking regardless. I mean, if you are wearing something gross, look out. Ugly hair? I might boo you.
But like everything on the internet, the flair wall became too much of a fad and people abandoned it. Like myspace and Perez Hilton. But I think when people left it, they also left one of the truest ways to see who people actually were. I'm a very visual person, so the tells that people would leave there would tell me so much about them. And what's the point of facebook if not to pry into the lives of people you don't know, learn everything about them and then embarrass yourself if and when you finally meet them with your uncanny knowledge of what happened at their formal freshman year? So we find out all we can about people and hopefully in the process, we find out a few things about ourselves, like I did today. My flair is me, in a sad and bitterly honest way.

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