Monday, March 29, 2010

So what?

So what?
I mean, isn't this something that everyone has known for a long time now? And does it even matter? Whose world is rocked because of this?
I get that it's a big deal to have it in print and no longer be speculation, but really. I don't think this is a big deal. Just like Adam or Sean Hayes. Not a big deal. We knew that we knew, they just affirmed what we knew.
And is it really news anymore? I don't know that it is. It's pretty much the social norm at this point and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't see what is actually going on out there. Agree or disagree, it's happening.
And it's not like this is some revelation to him either. This has been matter-of-fact for years, he's just letting the public in. Really, he's got a book to promote, so is this really a revelation or a clever act to get some free publicity for the memoir about a past pop star who is probably going to try to reclaim that title? Cynical? Maybe. But I believe that only cynics can see the entertainment industry for what it really is. You may quote me on that.
So what's the big deal? There's not a big deal. It's just life. His life. Not even ours. So let's move on.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Let's talk twitter.
I have a twitter. I got it so I could figure out how it works. I've got potential internships in the fall and I need to know how to tweet. Apart from that, I don't have a reason to be on there. If I really want to tell people what's going on in my life, I could tell them on facebook, or in a text, or in person. In person? Can you imagine?
But I'm on there. And I follow some people and some people follow me. That's fine. Having said that, there's no reason for me to be on here. I'm not in business for myself, I don't need to promote myself in any way, and everything that I could read from people on twitter who do either of those things, I read on actual websites. But I get it, after Myspace, the Rome of the internet for a while, fell, we needed something new.
That's my shpeal on twitter. But my real problem isn't with twitter at all. It's with people who tweet too much. Really, there are people who tweet their lives away and make sure that their every move is documented in digital space. To those people, I have nothing to say because me telling them to get a life won't help them. They are lost causes.
But how about people who tweet throughout sports events? And I'm not talking about news organizations whose job it is to send the play by play out there for people who aren't watching. I'm talking about people who just give their commentary on the game. Commentary that has no context. Why? Why is that being thrown out there? Why?
I know that anyone who is on twitter has sent out stupid tweets. It's just what happens. But that doesn't make it alright. And I'm calling you out on it. Yes. I mean you Twitterverse. Calm down. We don't care.

Why not?

Why not just be who you are?
That's what I have to ask. Why not just be you?
Isn't it more fun being you? Isn't it more exciting? Isn't it more thrilling to be yourself? Isn't there more satisfaction in being yourself? Isn't it just better?
I don't understand pretending to be someone you're not, especially if you are dragging other people along with it. That doesn't make sense.
But I get it. As much as the western world has this idealized concept that "being true to yourself" is the ultimate form of enlightenment and "being your full self" is what keeps Oprah coming up with new episodes each week, people are still afraid of actually going through with that because who knows what will happen then.
What if everyone lived their lives to the fullest that they could? What if we all just put away the facade of who we thought people wanted us to be or didn't listen to the way that people thought we should act and were just ourselves?
What would happen? Would the world implode? I don't think so.
Would we all end up devastated? I doubt it.
Is there a chance that we could actually be happy? Maybe.
At the very least, we would know we were honest. Like when Rachel told Ross that she was in love with him. She didn't know what would happen but at least she did it. And who doesn't like to hear that they're loved? Right? So could some honesty really hurt that bad?
And remember, it took another couple years, but Rachel got off the plane. So I think she did the right thing. You should too.

Adding some flair

I was editing my facebook profile and the things on it today and I came across my flair wall. Remember when having a flair wall was the biggest thing and every gave everyone else flair? It was like the internet became giant suspenders from TGI Fridays.
Well I was looking through the flair that I had put on there or that people had given me and I realized something. Maybe the flair thing wasn't as dorky as we thought? Maybe there is something kinda great about it? I mean, when I looked through my flair, pretty much anything that anyone would need to know about me was there in those little dots.
I mean it. How often does something so well represent who we are like our flair walls did? There, out in the open for everyone to see, in one place, were these colorful pictures that told our story. Even the snarkey things that people wish they could say out loud but don't say were there on those buttons. That's not so much a problem for me because I tend to say what I'm thinking regardless. I mean, if you are wearing something gross, look out. Ugly hair? I might boo you.
But like everything on the internet, the flair wall became too much of a fad and people abandoned it. Like myspace and Perez Hilton. But I think when people left it, they also left one of the truest ways to see who people actually were. I'm a very visual person, so the tells that people would leave there would tell me so much about them. And what's the point of facebook if not to pry into the lives of people you don't know, learn everything about them and then embarrass yourself if and when you finally meet them with your uncanny knowledge of what happened at their formal freshman year? So we find out all we can about people and hopefully in the process, we find out a few things about ourselves, like I did today. My flair is me, in a sad and bitterly honest way.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Of course

It's time for something new. There comes a point when things are just the same for too long and if you're ever going to grow at all, things have to change. A location change, a break, a pause, a something needs to happen.
Yet for all that's changing, I've rediscovered some things from my life that didn't need to change and luckily for me, they haven't.
Of course the thing that hasn't changed is music. Of course it is.
It's so fun when you rediscover your old music that you used to listen to all the time and for whatever reason, you don't anymore. Of course you still know all the lyrics and can sing along like you never put that CD away. Why is that? Why can we remember all the lyrics to songs from our childhoods but we can't remember what we study for a midterm? I can sing all the words to the "50 Nifty United States" to this day and I learned that in 5th grade, but what I wrote on my midterm a week and a half ago? Not a clue.
But apart from this resurgence of music that shaped my life 10 or 15 years ago, I think I need a resurgence in some other areas as well. You know when you get all anxious and you just need to get out of the routine and do something drastically different? Have a new experience? Go out on that limb? Chance rejection in the hope that it won't happen? Take a chance, take a chance, take-a take-a chance chance? Of course you do. We all need that. It helps us feel alive and I like that feeling.
I need that feeling again.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little red frogs

I'm watching that Discovery Channel series "Life," or what should be named "Planet Earth 2.0" and I'm fascinated by these little red frogs. See, they have their frog babies in these pools of water and as they are just tadpoles, they have to transport them up into the trees to hide them in water pockets in the trees. From there, they are cared for until they have grown all their little frog arms and legs. But from there on out, they are alone. The same is true for all kinds of animals. Sea turtles are the same way. Of course in Nemo all the turtle babies are hangin out together, but in real life, they don't.
No one should have to go at it alone. So many people out there feel like they're alone and some of them really are, but there's no reason to be that way. I used to date someone who did this to themselves and they spent their time maintaining a sense of isolation from the rest of the world. They weren't happy either. I'm not saying that everyone needs people around them all the time to be happy. That isn't true in the slightest. But when I see someone who is really alone, my heart kinda collapses in on itself.
I've felt alone before. I have issues with that. So I know what it's like and when I see it, when I see little red frogs walking around alone, I wish I could fix it. I don't know that I can, in some cases I might be able to try, but in the end, just keep climbing, just keep climbing...

Cheetahs never prosper

So here's my issue. One of my issues. I have many. But here's one for today. Why can't Christina Aguilera do something original?
I like her. I like her music and I think she's a good balance for other singers out there. She's got the kind of voice that will keep her around and relevant. Except when she's copying others.
I dug the throwback album and the album before that, "Stripped" was as near perfection as a pop record can get. Really. It's just an absolutely exquisite collection of songs. But then she did that song at the VMAs in 2008 where she was copying Lady Gaga. You know how I feel about the Gaga so you can sense my disappointment when Christina was not only lip syncing but dressing just like the Gaga. But today, her new single cover has been released and I am brought back to my original questions about her. Why can't you do something original? She always seems one step behind Britney.
Britney. If you've read any of this at all, you know that I love her. Always have. Always will. I have stuck by her, bought all her albums, pretended it didn't break my heart when she married someone else, you know, typical fan stuff. And say what you want about her, she's a good entertainer and has had more success than these artists today will ever know. But here is Christina again, copying her, which is actually her copying Madonna, which is actually cheating.
Many people have said that the Gaga is the new Madonna. Even SNL paired them up in that AWFUL skit they did together. But the truth is, she's not. And while I'm not a crazy Madonna fan or anything, I get irritated when people compare a girl who wears a see-through plastic shirt to a woman who has made hit after hit for decades. But I guess there always has to be a "next" someone doesn't there? Why is that? Are we just so content with the fact that we constantly need new fixations that we are willing to throw titles at people just for the sake of having something to talk about? Dislike.
So Mrs. Aguilera Bratman, please do something original. We are bored with the same thing over and over again. Remember when you had to have a Coke endorsement because Britney had Pepsi? Remember how that commercial wasn't good in the slightest? Right. History teaches us nothing apparently.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My three-legged weekend

I had a three-legged weekend. Not like a three-legged dog kind of weekend where it's equal parts sad and endearing, but kinda like if a pogo stick had three legs. It's only supposed to have one leg but it has three for extra power. It's like an hour-long episode of The Office. Or when 30 Rock premiered and there were 2 brand new episodes instead of just one. Like that.
Leg One. I never thought that I would pay to attend a Black Eyed Peas concert. I just never saw that as something that I would do. But I did. And it was awesome. I'm stunned really. I've always kinda liked the Peas but it wasn't until this album that I really liked an entire album of theirs. So we kinda happened into getting these tickets and made a guy's weekend out of it. The show was incredible. So much energy everywhere, so much Fergie (she's very licious) and so much fun. Had us quite the time, quite the rude awakening in the morning and we were onward toward...
Leg Two: SXBW in Austin. I got tickets to the Perez party and so we went to go check it out. After waiting in the frigid line for four hours, they said the party was at capacity and we weren't getting in. Awesome. But don't worry. Even the VIPs couldn't get in. Who did we happen upon while we were outside trying to sneak in? Kevin from Project Runway. Even he, with all of his badges and VIP passes wasn't being let in. Fine. We saw the party too. It sucked. No harm, no foul, we met Kevin and ate Zone bars in line.
Leg Three:
Wait. I skipped over Rachel. Back to Leg Two.
You see, there was this girl Rachel, and she cut in line. Or at least the girls behind us thought she cut in line. So they start shouting at her from where they're at. Shall I? "Rachel! Rachel?! You need to go to the back! Rachel! We've been here! Rachel!" Rachel's appointed mouthpiece, this wretched looking girl who kept letting the wind show us the goods under her skirt said, "She's been here for four hours!" To which the lovely ladies behind us said, "We've been here four and a half! Rachel! Rachel!" It was wildly entertaining.
Leg Three: After 3 hours of sleep, we got dressed up, back in the car and headed to Houston for a set of three choir concerts, where as fate would have it, I would make a new friend. Who knew. I was there to work but after a completely random conversation, followed by an extremely enjoyable lunch, we headed back to Waco, caffeinated and singing songs from the Rent soundtrack. Yes. We did. It's random and we liked it. Don't you dare judge me.
All in all, this three-legged weekend was about as perfect as a weekend has ever been. Three cities, concerts in each place, best friends, Zone bars, coffee, and not a Dunkin Donuts in sight. Really. It was stellar. And after having slept for 11 hours last night, I'm so glad I got to share it with you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can't do it anymore

You know, the first time I saw Supersize Me, I was grossed out. But tonight, when I saw it again, it was like something inside of me was screaming, "You're older! Stay away! Fast food is going to kill you! Run!"
Of course the problem isn't in the food, it's in the fast. We keep going to it because it's fast. There are other foods that are better and healthier, but not as fast. It would be easier if there was a restaurant that was equally as cheap and equally as convenient to eat at that wasn't bad for you. Alas, eating right requires more work. And no, I don't think that eating at McDonalds has ever left anyone feeling fit and fine.
So I'm giving it up, as much as possible. Sometimes on trips and stuff you can't get around it. But on a daily basis, we sure can. So here it is, printed out. I just can't do it anymore.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was involved in an argument today during class that lasted the better part of an hour. Backstory: I don't have a whole lot to contribute to this class. It's not really in my major and I'm working to make it fit. I've learned a lot and it's all very practical, but usually, these are inner realizations and not really anything that warrant a declaration to the class.
Anyway. We were talking about a singular sentence in one of the academic articles that we read and the use of the word "our." An hour later, we were still arguing over the use of the word "our." Context: This was an academic article written for teachers who teach writing at the collegiate level. In the article she said something about how writing isn't something we need to teach because "it is a work of our Creator. It is a God-given power."
Right. Here's the deal. I do believe that God gives different people different abilities. To some him he gives the spiritual gift of complaining, to some writing, to others the ability to speak before they think. Some people are even gifted trivial things like patience or kindness. BUT, in an academic article, it's not alright to talk to the reader as if you know what they believe already and you just lump them into your personal belief system. It's the use of the word "our" that caused such a commotion.
And you know, I stand by it. I don't think it's alright to presuppose that people believe what you believe or that they should have to believe what you believe. In fact, if academia is nothing else, it's a way to lead people into the ability to think for themselves and figure out what they believe.
Which brings me to another point. Academia is great and all. Learning new things and becoming an expert at something is a lofty goal for anyone. But I will tell you this. As lofty as a goal it may be, it doesn't replace the things that you learn from the people around you. What does it matter if you know everything that a book can tell you if you can't function with other people?
Who wants to be that person? And you know what? I judge anyone who does want to be that person. I judge you. You have been judged. Because as smart as you may think you are, you're missing the one thing that matters the most. Someone to love. Did Happy Feet teach us nothing? Well, it sure tried to. Why couldn't that have just been about penguins dancing? Why did it have to be about the Earth. That's another blog.
"Our" is not okay. Neither are academia nerds. Or Happy Feet's green message.


I just had to start over.
My laptop gave me the blue screen of death last night (after working perfectly all morning but whatever) and today, after a quick consultation with a very nice guy at the computer place, we decided that we had to start over. We had to put down my old hard drive and everything on it and reset it to its factory condition.
A moment of silence please.
Now this would be a really easy place to compare this to when Carrie's computer died or when Chandler lost everything on Ross' computer in Barbados. But alas, I will not. I will honor the fallen.
My computer was a good computer. Kinda. It gave me all kinds of problems. But when it worked, it worked so well. I really loved Sammy the Vaio. I named him. Just now.
But now, Sammy is in a good place. A happy place. A place without a virus or .tmp files. No. He's happy.
So I'm starting over. Trevor. That's who this new computer is. Yes. I'm aware it's the same computer, just reset. But Trevor doesn't know that. All he knows is that he's new. So I will continue to help him and treat him well...until I graduate and get a brand new computer. Then Trevor's on his own.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have always been a fan of the supporting characters of shows and movies more than the lead characters. I recognized early on that the most interesting people were Jack and Karen, not Will and Grace.
As I'm watching Desperate Housewives, I'm realizing more and more that the supporting characters and their stories are more interesting than what most of the women are doing on the show. Then I started thinking that it's been that way for a long time. I've been more interesting in the subplots than the actual ones. I mean, anything with Karen makes it infinitely better. You remember "Run Jane Doe run?!" Now that's comedy.
For a show that is all about the mystery about what's going on that season, its the subplots that keep things interesting. There just aren't enough dirty little secrets to leak out for 42 minutes a week. So I keep tuning in to find out what Andrew is going to do about Sam or what is going on with Julie.
I've realized that I am very much a supporting character fan. In the real world, apart from television, I am a fan of teamwork which is inclusive of supporting characters. Aren't we all supporting characters in other people's lives anyways? I mean, to some people, we're key players and then to others, we're the supporting characters that keep things interesting. The supporting characters come in and out of the show but the main characters usually get to stick around. I mean, would Jack Bauer actually die in 24? No. Would Will and Grace continue with one of them gone? (Well it did there for a while while Debra Messing was pregnant and they tried to cover it up because they didn't want to put it in the script. They did a bad job of it. Then a season later they wrote pregnancy in. Fail.)
Right. Well, supporting characters make the world go round. Without them, we'd all just be Teri Hatcher talking to Marcia Cross about Mary Alice for six seasons.

I'll be dancin...

I like Telephone. I like the Gaga and Beyonce mix. I do. I like Bad Romance. I like the song. I don't really care for any of Gaga's other stuff besides Papparrazzi, but that doesn't matter. Here's what matters. Every time she releases a new video, people freak out about it and say it's the best video since Thriller.
It's not.

What she is right now is a novelty. Fun dance music, ridiculous outfits, and a strange persona that is different than what's out there right now. Basically, she's Cher. People like to say that she's the new Madonna but what Modonna did was purely sexual. What Cher did was be weird, which is what Gaga is doing. And I'm going to tell you, that just like Cher, it's all an act. A very well designed and calculated act. And, on top of it all, when Gaga was on SNL with Madonna, the skit wasn't even funny. It was awkward.

It's easy to be the biggest artist around when every gay in America is flipping out over you and the drag-queen clothes you wear. But at the end of the day, she's just trying to be memorable in a sea of Chris Browns sing-alikes and she's going to be as strange as possible to stay that way. Like I said, I do like a few of her songs and I'm always interested in what she will do next to remain in the public eye. Even if it means making a 10 minute music video for a 3 minute song and chopping the song apart and filling the middle sections with a story that doesn't make any sense and a lot of lesbian kissing. And let's not even talk about the fact that at the peak of the song, when they are both singing "I'll be dancin," they aren't.
So I'm sorry but no. It's not the best video since Thriller. Not even close.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So I've been watching The Good Wife, I know, I caved, and it's a very heavy show to be watching episode after episode. So after I've watched a couple, I try to watch something funny afterward to elevate my mood back up to normalcy. Tonight, I chose Sex and the City.
Carrie is talking about her SSB, her 'secret single behavior' that she only does when she's alone in her apartment and I started thinking about my SSB, what it is and whether or not it's appropriate to blog about. I've decided to keep it to myself. Kinda.

Sometimes, when I'm in the shower and the radio is on, I might dance around a little. Okay. More than a little. I might be pretending that I'm Mark from So You Think You Can Dance, you know, back when the show was good. Now he's dancing with the GaGa. I don't dream about that. That's not a part of my SSB fantasy behavior.
I like to sit alone and write in my journal. That's something that is a part of my SSB. It's just not the same as when there are people around. I realize the words on the page don't really change, but the headspace does.
I watch my dirty tv shows when it's just me. That's a part of my SSB for sure. Not that I'm worried about offending anyone or anything, I just know that usually I'm the only one who watches the show. So I like to watch them alone.
I also like to sing when I'm alone. Loudly. I'm a big hit in my building. Not that they have a choice, they get to hear me whether they like it or not.
At the end of the SATC episode, Carrie tells Aiden that when she comes home, she needs an hour to be alone before conversing and answering questions. I'm the exact same way. I need time for that SSB, even if it's just in my head, before I can function with others. So SSB is very important. I think I owe my sanity to it. I mean, everyone needs to dance when no one's watching right? Carrie would approve. So would Mark.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The same team

I'm watching Project Runway last night and the guy who won the challenge last week finished his dress a half hour before everyone else was done. If you don't know how it all works, sometimes the winner of the challenge has immunity from the challenge the next week, meaning they can't be eliminated, and they usually decide that this is the week to "take a risk" and make something offensively ugly.
So the guy goes over to this other guy who is also in the competition and offers to help him. The other guy wasn't doing so great and had a lot to do. So the guy that can't be eliminated goes over to help the guy that can.
Really, it was a nice moment to see the two competitors working together. They're both after the same prize but for that half hour, they were on the same team.

I'm a big fan of teamwork.

Sidenote: The guy got eliminated. Oops. As great as the teamwork was, it wasn't good enough to save the ugly shark pant suit with the thong crotch. I didn't say that teamwork always ended with Heidi saying Congratulations. Sometimes, you're out. But what a great moment...while it lasted.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bye bye bye

Corey Haim was found dead this morning, apparently from an overdose.
I'm gonna be honest, I don't know anything about him really. I've never seen The Lost Boys and I don't know much of anything about him. When I looked him up, I realized that I don't think I've seen a single film he's ever been in.

That doesn't matter really though. A man is dead, he was only 38, and to people who were around the 80s, they've lost someone that they were used to seeing on the big screen. It's the same kind of situation that my generation had with Brittany Murphy.

Okay. So it's sad and sudden and no one wants someone who is considered "washed up" to die without having a shot at vindicating themselves and their career. I'm driving home from getting some lunch and the guy on the radio is talking about this.

The radio station in Waco does this "Way Back Wednesday" thing where they play older songs throughout the day. So the opening of the next song is playing and the DJ says he was waiting to talk about it until there was more information about what happened but that he died from an accidental suicide. Cue Justin singing, "Hey hey...bye bye bye."


I'm gonna go out on a limb on this one and say that maybe we look at the screen and read what song is coming up next. No no. Maybe we listen to the song that is ALREADY PLAYING and think that maybe the next break would be a better fit for talking about this.

You know that I love irony, I live for it, but come on. So way to go Waco. Way to continue to suck at everything.


I realize that I've written about Spartacus a lot over the past few days, but it just keeps coming up.

Today, it was announced that the actor who plays Spartacus is dealing with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a very serious cancer. Andy Whitfeld is a man who is in top physical shape and is now dealing with something that has the power to take his life. Granted, he caught it early, is getting treatment, and should recover just fine.

He's made a statement about having an 'army of support behind him' and that he has a good attitude about this. It's just made me think about life and how we never really know what's going to happen. There has been cancer in my family line and so it's something that I think about, it's not something that is far away or unrelatable. It's not really something I live in fear of, but it's a reality that can't be avoided.

And so here is this man, who plays a gladiator who's fighting for his life, who is now actually fighting for his life, and I guarantee that the second season of his show isn't the first thing on his mind. He's concerned with the fight. The real fight.

I don't know who reads this, or if anyone reads this, but I'm gonna be really serious and tell you to fight. Maybe you don't need to hear that now. Maybe you're fine now. But at some point, our health fails us and we have to fight. I encourage you to fight and come out on the other side as the victor. Fight it.

There are things about us that we have to fight and there are things about us that we have to embrace. What he's going through is something fightable, something defeatable. So he should keep fighting. Not just so that I can see a second season of the show I've become infatuated with, but because he needs to fight.

So do you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am a gladiator

So I'm watching Spartacus and one of the gladiators was really busted. I mean, he got slashed up and should have died. But he's a principle character so he's still alive and kicking, if only just barely.
The girl he really likes, not the one he's sleeping with or the one that wants him, but the one he actually cares for, comes in and is talking to him as he's all sewn up and trying to heal from the gaping sword wounds on his chest and back. He starts moving to turn toward her and she tells him not to because it will reopen his wounds.
So what do you do when you move anyways and the wounds reopen?
Now I'm no gladiator, but the wound still hurts.
I fought long and hard and I put up a really good fight. I mean, I had some real Rocky moments and I felt so great being at the top of those stone steps. But right now, those steps look like a dirt hill.
But I know, that just like Crixus, I too have to just let myself heal and get back up again to fight another day. There is just too much out there to shut up and stay down now.
So I'll keep fighting and keep working my way to what I need to get to. It's not terribly important to know what I'm getting to. If it was, I would probably just say it, ripping open other wounds and having to probably wait for those to re-heal too. It's a vicious cycle really. Kinda like the top 24 on American Idol, when everyone is apparently REALLY bad and then they start to get it into gear when they make the top 12. Sorry Idol. Apart from 'lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground,' this season so far has just been plain bad.
Oh right. Wounds. Right. Turns out that I am a gladiator and I will keep fighting. Just like Crixus (which sounds like an erectile dysfunction drug but whatever Romans.)

Monday, March 8, 2010

The ugly truth

Blair says that sexting isn't okay until you are in an actual relationship. I'm so glad Gossip Girl is back on.
You know that saying, "absence makes the heart grow fonder?" Well, I feel that way about my shows. I think the time that we spend away from each other just brings us closer together when we reunite.
That hasn't always been the case though. I mean, when I gave up Heroes for Lent (not really), I never got back on the train. I just kept watching as the train fell off the tracks in the news and watched the ratings tumble. Apparently most of the viewership also gave it up.
I gave up Greys too. It happened around the time that Callie decided that she was a lesbian, something completely outside of her character and didn't make any sense at all, and I never got back into it. These character arches that don't make any sense anger me. Kinda like Katherine on Housewives sleeping with the stripper. Doesn't make any sense. Anger.
I gave up on the OC for the same reason. Why did Marissa think that dating a girl was a good idea? Why? It's not that I have anything wrong with girls who want to date girls or guys who want to date guys. That's not it. It's that as a television enthusiast, it doesn't make sense in the characters for these things to happen. It's just sensationalism and trying to shock people into staying interested. Turns out, it does the opposite for me.
Oh, I watched the first season of Ugly Betty and liked it a lot. I just forgot to start watching it again and then I was too deep into other shows to make space for it. So I guess I gave it up too. But not for the same reasons. The gays on that show were overt from the beginning.
Moral of the story: My shows are back on and I missed them. Just don't screw it up or you will get OCed.

Everybody Hurts

Tonight was a really stellar night.
You see, each year, we gather together on that most sacred of nights, Oscar night, and root on the films that have made us think and given us pause throughout the previous year.
There are a few things that we know for sure each year.
Each year, we know that we are going to get some sort of political acceptance speech that will be both boring and insignificant.
Each year, we know that someone will win for something that they don't deserve to win for.
Each year, we know that someone is going to wear something so hideous that it makes you wonder if people have mirrors.
But who was to know that this year, it would come down to the juggernaut film that took over the world and the little-film-that-could? Here's the deal. The Hurt Locker was the best film of the year. Absolutely. Avatar was the huge film that is in the history books, but the Oscars aren't meant to necessarily celebrate that. This is to celebrate the overall best achievement in film making and this year, that happened.
When I saw The Hurt Locker, I had the same gut reaction as when I saw Crash. I said to myself, "This is the best film of the year and will win the Oscar." While my favorite films don't always win, I am thrilled that this one did. Who needs fake blue people when you can have a real, gritty, film that makes a difference? I liked Avatar, God knows I do, but I'd kill it dead before I'd let it beat the Hurt Locker.

Spartan cheerleading

I started watching the Starz show Spartacus: Blood and Sand about a month and a half ago and then I got busy and never kept up with it. Well I started catching up this week and I must say that I've never seen so much nudity in my life.
Well, I don't know that I should say that. I've never seen that much nudity on television. And my nudity, I mean male. If you haven't seen this show, it's like 300 with more nudity. Lots of muscles, lots of death, lots of blood.
So why are you watching it?
I heard you ask.
Well, it's intriguing. There's something about it that is interesting. It's odd to see a show that doesn't hide anything, doesn't censor anything, and is as overt as regular television wishes that it could be. So it's interesting.
But I will tell you that the first episode featured some of the worst acting I've ever seen, I mean we are talking some real CW caliber stuff here. I mean, I think Tori and Dean have more skills than what was shown in that episode. But as it's gone on, it's been much better. Either that or I've gotten used to it.
But I just think it's so interesting that a show can just let loose and not be inhibited at all, doing and saying everything that it wants to without worry of what anyone will think. There's something to that. Even in watching True Blood or Weeds, there is a line that they won't cross. But in this show, they do whatever they want...and I'm a fan. There's always something appealing about the thing in which you aren't really supposed to like.
So I'm still watching. Well this and the CW. Gossip Girl starts up again tomorrow night.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sorry Mr. Jackson

I spent the past week of my life working on a small documentary about the life of Michael Jackson for my Documentary Film Theory class and I really fell in love with his music again. The last part of his life so overshadowed his musical achievements that his star began faded to a dull glimmer. A glimmer that everyone in the world could see.
In my research for this project, I ran across this picture.

I'm not quite sure what to say about this. I mean, he looks like a cross between the Crypt-keeper and Mr. Gloopy from Candy Land with a little touch of Paul Sorvino. What is going on with this man?
But there he is, trolling around Hollywood trying to bank off of his dead son. His son who will go down with an Elvis-adjacent legend. But keep trolling Gloopy. Ya look good.