Sunday, August 9, 2009

"He's arrogant"

Tonight, I was at a birthday party. You know, one of those coming-of-age parties when they leave childhood behind and are suddenly legal. Right. I met some new people there, really, just one new person, and I actually already knew of her.
So I'm standing there, talking to her, she's fascinating and different and I'm intrigued. Well, my buddy who I'm there with starts talking to her about me and what my job is. So he starts talking me up, telling her how great I am and how I do all these amazing things at work.
It was a very strange moment. I have had bosses say nice things about me, coworkers, etc. And I would like to imagine that my friends say nice things about me when I'm not around. I can only imagine the things that are said about me. "He's obnoxious." "He's arrogant." "He's too clingy." "He doesn't make wise decisions." "I wish he'd leave me alone." "Why won't he just go away?"
But here, really nice things were being said about me in front of my face. And as much as the comments were flattering (and true), they didn't mean anything compared to how I felt in that moment, hearing my buddy talk like he was proud of me.
You know, in life, we talk about work so much and there is that point when people don't really want to hear about work anymore. Unless you're Britney or Beyonce. We could listen to them talk about work all day long. But me? Not that interesting. But to have someone that is that close to me talk me up like that, I feel like I'm flying.
He doesn't know that it meant that much to me. Maybe he won't ever know. But it might have brought me to life tonight. Thank yous are really corny and I've done that too much recently. But I feel like Alladin right now. You know, when he's singing A Whole New World and they are flying on the red carpet over that water? I can just imagine that would be the animated equivalent of what I am feeling right now.
The cake was good, the apples were wonderful, the cookies made my heart happy, but it was nothing compared to the feeling I felt knowing that he was proud of me. That was the best, and the most humbling, feeling in the world.

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