Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7 again

I had a realization today.
As children, we fantasize that we have powers. Especially boys. We all want to be superheroes. We want to fly or shoot things out of our hands, or read people's minds.
I was talking to a friend tonight about the Incredible Hulk ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure park in Orlando and how much I love that ride. It was then that I realized why.
As you fly up that shoot toward Heaven, you lose all your cares and inhibitions and for a minute or so, you are flying. Suddenly, you are able to fly, just like every school boy wants to.
And that is why we love rollercoasters. Because we can live out the parts of our childhood that our imagination would only take us so far into.
And that feels wonderful. To be 7 again. That would be wonderful.

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