Saturday, July 25, 2009

The tale of July 25th

This is the tale of July 25th.
It began with our trip to Michaels to purchase paint. Nothing out of the ordinary. At all.
Then there was the wedding.
Look, I've been very honest with the fact that I never get to go to my friends' weddings because I always have a prior engagement that I absolutely can not get out of. Well, I was scheduled to go to a wedding today with a friend. I don't really know the bride and I have never met the groom before, but here I am, going.
I made a decision before going that if I was going to a wedding of people that I don't know, I was going to look the best out of everyone there. I made that decision. And you know what? I was. I was the best dressed male there. I now know what Brad Pitt feels like. If there was a list, I'd be on it.
Well, before that started, the bride's mother asked my friend to go Michaels to get stuff to fix the candles at the wedding. So back to Michaels we go. This time, we are helped by a very helpful man. Mind you, we are dressed to impress (which I did).
Wedding happens. It's fine. I ran into a familiar face which is always fun.
After the wedding, we start painting. We get to the point where we need more paint and we ran back to Michaels to get paint before it closed. So there we are, in the paint aisle, and I'm laying on the floor. I was knocked over by my "friend." So that man that helped us previously, walks by and asks me if I am okay. I am. Of course, he's seen us after our wedding costume change too. And don't think that he didn't comment on it because he did.
And did he call us out on how we walk the same too? He sure did. Clack clack clack clack. Right. So we have a friend in Casper, not the ghost, but the man at Michaels. And I was best dressed.
And this was the tale of July 25.

(side note: exactly 5 months til Christmas and if you look on facebook, people all over the world are celebrating Christmas in July. It's global now. And I take credit for it. You're welcome world.)

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