Thursday, July 2, 2009

Clever marketing

I've decided that I want a baby duck and an otter. Yes. That is what I need for pets. I'm watching television and there is a commercial for some dish soap. The announcer says that oil spills kill animals every year and this soap is what they use to clean the oil off of the animals, thus saving their lives. The marketing campaign is basically that it is tough enough to get rid of oil and gentle enough to be on the duckling's feathers. And then there is the otter, my favorite of all of God's creatures, second to squirrels. And beagles. Baby beagles make me melt. But I love otters.
When I went to the Central Park Zoo, I stood and watched the otters play for the longest time. Now, in all honesty, that was partially because I love otters and partially because there wasn't anything else to do. I've seen Madagascar. When I got to the zoo, I expected something like that. No. Nothing like that. The only thing that is the same are the penguins. None of the other animals are there. So, apart from an obese yet agile seal, the otters were my best bet.
I've always loved otters and now that I know that they have been cleaned by something that is both tough and gentle, I love them even more. And it makes me want to be the one cleans them off. And then swims with them in the pool! And I let them live in my bathroom! And they swim in the tub! Oh gosh. My 5th grade dreams just came true in my mind! What a great day!

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