Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The teaser

You know those teasers that are right before the commercial break on reality shows? Someone knocks at the door and they go to answer it and all you hear is their reaction, making you wait until the commercial break is over to find out who is there and why they are freaking out?
Well for a long time now, I have felt like my life was one big commercial teaser. I've been waiting on the edge of something, just waiting for the break to end and for me to get back to the regular scheduled programming. Except, of course, this time there would be a twist, like all good shows have.
And this time, I really feel like the twist is pretty great. I mean, going into it now would seem like I was jumping the gun or something so I won't, but I think I can see that the Sham-wow commercial is almost over and it's back to the story.
Usually when the commercial break is over, the reaction isn't justified and it was just used as a rudder to steer you into continuing to watch the show. But in my life, I don't feel like that is what is going to happen. I feel pretty great about it.
Kinda like when Chuck and Blair finally kissed and said they loved each other. That's the kind of big moment I want to see happen. Something that changes the game. After my commercial break, I want a game-changer to happen. Not too many. No. Then I become Lost or Heroes. But a good game-changer every now and then keeps things spicy. I like spicy things. And things with cilantro.

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