Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Got it?

You know, on America's Got Talent, it is this free-for-all of people who should be institutionalized. But it's the sort of wonder show where people who have these strange talents can get up there and be on television and have their 15 minutes.
Let's address Nick Cannon for a moment. He's not bad at this. Perhaps he has found his niche. I mean, he can host a show and make people smile. And let's get excited for him and a real job. For a while there, he was just Mariah's husband. Now, he's got a real job and is bringing home a real paycheck. So that's my opinion on that.
But it's a great show that shows that regular people can do extraordinary things. I mean, there is that whole Susan Boyle thing and while the video of her made her this overblown figure all over the world (little did she know), it all started because she was awesome. So this show enables people to be able to become overblown and over-publicized figures of fame, thus destroying all tinges of normalcy from their lives and sending them into a downward spiral that will devastate their lives and turn them into F-list reality stars on VH1 that no one cares about and provide Kathy Griffin with fodder for her act...and for my blog.
Or I could just put an electric drill through my nostril.
Or cluck like a chicken while I play the accordion.
And I agree with Sharon. This show is "barking mad." And we love it.

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