Thursday, June 25, 2009

The day the music died...again

What do you do on the day that the person who single handedly shaped the way that music, music videos, and concerts have been done for the past 30 years? What do you do?
I mean, this is a day that is equivalent to when Elvis and John Lennon died. This is a day when someone who so profoundly affected pop culture has disappeared, and no matter how crazy he went or the strange things that he has done in the past, he will be heralded as the great talent that he once displayed to the world and made him the best selling artist of all time.

You know, there are few people in the world that warrant this type of press coverage, public reaction, text messages being sent all around the world, and basically shutting down news organizations. The reason that people like Elvis, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson grab this sort of attention is because they did something that no one else has done and they did it brilliantly. We will see this sort of attention given to Cher, Madonna, and Paul McCartney. They did things that no one else had done and changed the landscape of the world because of it.

It's a strange day. It's strange for me because of how young he was. Really. He's younger than my parents. I read Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays this morning and his father died when he was 15. It's been one of those days when I think about the value of the relationships that I have with my parents and how much I was a prick to them when I was younger. I'm older now, looking at the crest of adulthood and you realize that there is so much value in these people. Not that this is a new thought. It's been spinning around my head for about a year now. But this puts it all into perspective.

So there it is. Short and simple. I love my parents and I don't care how hokey that sounds. It's sad that someone who was such a big part of so many people's musical landscapes has died. And there is a plastic surgeon somewhere who is sobbing because his main source of income doesn't need him anymore.
Too soon?

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Courtney said...

not too soon! you keep the jokes coming!