Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cher with me

I'm watching Clueless and I don't think there is a better movie that defines the 90s. Some people claim that Empire Records holds that title, but I stand firm on my feeling that Cher and the gang have the market on the 90s film.
And what I love about this movie is that I still like it. I know I'm a guy and I am not supposed to like it, but I do. The really gaudy fashions don't look that much unlike something that Lady GaGa would wear now. It's all ridiculous either way.
Don't get me started on the GaGa. I'm so tired of her. I'm tired of her and her, "I'm so weird. Look at me. Look at how I wear bubbles. Look at my strange fashion sense. I need attention. Like me! Like me! Remember me! Remember me! Please!" And when she said that the Jonas Brothers were hot and she wanted to have a four-way with them, that is where she crossed the line from dumb blonde girl with a good marketing team behind her, to being crass and gross, because let's face it, there's only 2 of the Jonas brothers that anyone would want to have sex with and one of them looks oddly similar to Sanjaya.
Did you see He's Just Not That Into You? Did you see that one? You should. I enjoyed it so much that I think I want to own it so that I can watch it over and over again. That's another ensemble piece like Clueless. I mean, Clueless is nothing without the supporting characters and He's Just Not That Into You is a movie of supporting characters. And it doesn't really end in the way that you think it will, but that's a good thing. After all, who saw Cher actually kissing her ex-step-brother? I mean, we got the hints that teen movies give to ensure that the spaced-out audiences are able to understand the movie. I mean, it's like spoon-feeding a story to teenagers. But we saw it coming, but did we actually think they would go there? And do that? No. Is it wildly disturbing? Yes. But did we overlook it because the rest of the movie is so stellar? Yes.
I miss the days of Clueless. I remember quoting that movie at school when I was in 8th grade. Does that date me? I don't really care. Actually, now that I am seeing it again, I am seeing that some of the clothes would totally work now. Strangely enough. But am I jonesing to bring back hammer pants? As if.

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