Sunday, June 21, 2009


I've spoken about my love of the tollway and I was honored to be able to drive on it once again. Everything was good, everything was happening. It was great.
There were four a-holes on motorcycles doing stunts in the center lane of the tollway. A-hole is actually the technical term. See, there isn't anything wrong with doing stunts on motorcycles. That's fine. They were all wearing helmets and that's fine. Except that it was on the tollway! Do you know how fast people drive on that road? I was going 80 and I was slow in comparison to the Bentley that flew by me.
So there I was, trying not to hit these stunt men and hoping and praying that one of them doesn't fall off the bike. Picture it. They fall off their bike, they fall into my lane, I'm going 80 mph and I crush them. I mean, crush them. Their motorcycle helmets would crush like a snail shell under my tires.
So my great and wonderful drive was thwarted by some guys who thought they were cool and could do wheelies and not die. I hope they survived the drive because I sped past them so that I wouldn't be liable for killing them. I'd rather just do it with words. Dumb.

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