Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've a hotel room...

So I've been downtown today at this journalism conference and things are alright now but it was pretty touch-and-go earlier. Let me walk you through it.
Got to the hotel, went and competed in some competitions. Great. Then? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which is nice because I never have time to just do nothing. But I couldn't really do nothing because there were plenty of somethings that needed to occur. But I digress.
Six hours later I find the internet. Six hours. That's a long time to wait for internet if you are looking for it. If you don't think about it, then it's not so bad. But it was bad then. Bad.
But I did spend the middle part of today walking around downtown Dallas which really was the thrill of my day. Not the 600 dollar hotel room I didn't have to pay for. No. The walking, alone, around downtown, smelling cigarette smoke, exhaust from trucks and hearing honking horns and profanities from hobos. It was like a symphony. You know that scene in August Rush when he hears all the sounds and creates his symphony out of it? Right. I know that feelings. Granted, I am not going to create any sort of music out of today. No no. If anything, I really need to spend quality alone time with my iPod. That's what I really need to do.
But do you know the worst part about this? Not the middle of the day aloneness. Not the fact that I don't know the people I am with. Not that I spent the afternoon doing homework in a hotel room instead of other activities that hotel rooms are really meant for. No. The real sadness is that tonight, I will be unable to watch my shows.
Feel me. Feel my pain.
I'm going to have to wind down without the aid of Dorothy and Sophia. Without Monica and Chandler. Without Jack and Karen. Without Niles and Daphne. Without Theo and Rudy. Without Kathy and her peesh. I'm going to have to go to bed alone...with my thoughts. Has there ever been anything more terrifying?
Seriously, its so much easier to just fall asleep watching a show than to have to lay there and let your mind wander. Just think of all of the perverse and utterly atrocious places my mind could go. I'm scared to close my eyes.
Though I did see a girl today that was composed entirely of hair and that was pretty entertaining.

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