Saturday, April 18, 2009


I know what fate feels like.
I just experienced it.
Naysayers beware. I am now a believer.

I'm getting caught up on Gossip Girl. Life is good.
I'm all caught up now. Things are great. I am talking to my roommate about the concert I attended earlier today and the DVR is just sitting there. You know on a DVR when it sits for too long and it clicks off of whatever its on and just goes to the the television? Well, it does that and clicks over to the TV. No big deal.
Except it is a big deal. The station it was on was the 90s music station and the song that had just started was "Unbreak my Heart." One of my two favorite songs. If you follow my blog at all you would know that. Feel bad if you didn't know. Feel bad.
So there it is. Fate. Fate made the DVR switch off just when it did and Fate made my favorite song be playing, allowing me to have a moment in which I threw my arms out like Jesus and verbally declared, "I believe in fate! I just experienced it!"
It was exhilarating. Just like in Rock-a-Doodle when all the little animated animals chant. Chanticleer! Chanticleer! Chanticleer! Or when Mary Martin wants us all to chant for Tinkerbelle? Or is it clap for Tink? All I remember is "I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!" I'm not sure where that's from but I know it's from some incarnation of Peter Pan. But you get the picture. It's thrilling.
So here I am. A believer in fate.
Now Moon River is playing. If that won't warm your heart, you are made of stone. Or ash. And you probably don't believe in make-believe anymore which makes my whole Peter Pan thing foreign to you. But that's fine. I don't write for people like you. I write for people who still have a firm grip on the reality of make-believe. Which has much to do with Rock-a-Doodle and the dumb boy/cat that goes from being a live action person to an animated kitty who's a slave to fashion and back to being a live action person again. The reality of make-believe. Think about it.

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