Monday, March 9, 2009

...where are you?

I was rudely awakened this morning by the exterminator banging on my door. Granted, I should have been awake already anyways, but I wasn't. And then he came in spraying for bugs. Fine fine. So I'm awake. I turn on the television and I watch Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry.
Right. Because I'm 8 on Spring Break. Apparently.
Then I'm watching the Real World. What is going on here? It's like I am becoming a child again, which is strange since I have been having such a complex over the past few days as pertains to my age. You know, within a month of graduating from grad school, I will be 27 years old. I know. That's not old. I don't think it's old. Its really quite young. I just don't know. I don't know where I thought I would be at this age, so I don't have anything to be upset about. But it's just strange.
Not as strange as the Scooby Doo that was on though. Really? You can't come up with anything better than a guy wearing a sheet, being a ghost? Lame.

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Anonymous said...

Scooby Doo is prime-time cartoon perfection.