Thursday, March 12, 2009

There's always room for jello...

Look. I went to Luby's yesterday. I know. But I did it. I went there.
That statement is the statement by which all others will be measured against for the rest of the week. I went to Luby's this week. Dear God.
I watched American Idol, not nearly as eventful as Luby's with the overzealous waitress that needed to be sedated. I am moderately obsessed with Adam. Couldn't tell you why but I am. I dig the whole Freddy Mercury thing. At least that is who I think he reminds me of and I'm fine with that. Then Kelly was on there and she was good and the album came out and it's good and everything is good. But still. I went to Luby's.
I'm sorry. I haven't been to Luby's since I was in elementary school and as fun as it was to randomly go there and be random (which I love), I was quickly reminded that for that same ten dollars, I could have eaten anywhere else. There is just this air about the place that caters to an older crowd and as much as I am sure they are all fantastic, there is no reason to eat that much jello. None at all.
Too much lime jello isn't good for anyone. Why would an establishment throw that much jello out into the world? I mean, its lime, lemon, and cherry. It's got whipped cream on top. It's on everything in the dessert shelves. It's everywhere. Why? Why do we need that much jello?
I guess, the point of all of this is: I went to Luby's. What did you do on your spring break? I went to Luby's.

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Facade said...

Wow... I went to Luby's last week with a friend who wanted desperately to go. I to was ridiculed for days by others, is this some requisite rite of passage I was unaware of? 'Come one, come all, pass through the glass doors! Buy fried fish, possibly enjoy it with tarter sauce. Enjoy the decor reminiscent of a nursing home. If you like, take a mint upon your departure, and revel in the disparaging remarks of your so called friends.'