Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kathy Griffin would be so proud

I'm going to be so politically incorrect in this post, you just know that it will offend you more than likely. I'm saying that up front.
I don't have anything against blind people. It's not their fault and they are just as great as anyone else. They are capable of doing anything I can do, save for driving and seeing. There was a blind girl in one of my classes last semester and she was brilliant. Much smarter than me. But come on Stevie Wonder. Come on. Shout outs to Barack Obama on American Idol? Come on. That's just plain stupid. It doesn't matter if he is watching. And think about it. Stevie Wonder can probably talk to Obama whenever he wants to. So why waste your phone-a-friend on a shout out on American Idol? Just sing the songs. (he sounds fantastic by the way)
And Scott. Come on America. The sympathy vote this is old now. It's not that he's terrible. That's not it. He's not good as compared to everyone else. I don't care that he's blind. The show isn't about that. It's about singing and he's not the best. So I get frustrated when people who are better end up going home.
I told you. So wrong. I'm being so wrong in this post. SO WRONG.
Really, I wouldn't have said anything if Wonder hadn't done the stupidest shout out ever. But he did. And it's my duty to call him out on it. Sorry Stevie.

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