Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anything you can do, Harry can do better

Can I just ask this question please? Why is the woman who directed the first Twilight movie (to mediocre results) and who (stupidly) turned down the second movie, still in the press (annoyingly) talking about when she met the stars of the film. Who cares? You know what, this movie didn't do THAT well. The last Harry Potter movie made over 100 million dollars more than Twilight did. Worldwide, it did almost 600 million dollars more than Twilight. The books outsell the Twilight books, the characters are better, the story is more interesting, and the films are much more enjoyable.
Preface: I liked the Twilight movie an okay amount. No offense. But Harry is better. I probably should have put the preface at the beginning. But I digress.
I guess I don't get why it's being heralded as this enormous cultural phenomenon when in comparison to Harry, it's really just a side note. I can get past everyone liking it. There's a lot to like about it. Personally, I don't get it, but I know many people who do and that's great. I just don't understand why this director is out there like she is the queen bee when really, she's not going to be remembered by anyone for directing the first Twilight movie. But then again, she has been doing such a great job of making sure that no one forgets that A) She directed it B) She turned down the second one and C) She loved working with the cast. Gag.
Move on. Make a different movie and promote it this heavily. Remake Little Nicky or Nell. Do something. But please, know that the DVD is going to fly off shelves no matter what. It doesn't need your press. And I don't need your stress. And Harry is better.

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Anonymous said...

Might this fascination with"Twilight" have something to do with the fact teenage girls have something about vampires and the media does not have much to talk about but the economy, which everyone is tired of. One good movie and everyone will leave "Twilight" behind. Rando