Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Nugget

So there was a pretty wonderful moment in my day today.
I was sitting in my room, trying to figure out how to write this paper for my class, trying not to have an all out panic attack, and one of my two favorite songs, "Unbreak My Heart," comes on my Pandora station. It was wonderful. So I'm sitting there, listening to my song, being so happy, singing along. The song ends and I go to look at my paper again, when in the other room, I hear my other favorite song playing, "Total Eclipse of the Heart." I just leaned back in my chair and listened. My two favorite songs, played one right after the other. It was wonderful. Can I use that word one more time? Wonderful.
It was an unexpected piece of awesome in my day. Those are always the best though. They are little nuggets of joy that make the day so much better. I still have a very long night and weekend ahead of me with this paper, but it will be a little more bearable now because of my little nugget of awesome.

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