Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm a Pusher

I have the biggest headache in the entire world, I'm exhausted, and I want to go to bed and not wake up until Monday. And NOW is when you want to complain about something that more than likely doesn't need to be complained about? I can't be "on" all the time. I just can't. And I won't apologize for not being able to listen and be "on" all the time.
Here's my reasoning.
When I go shopping, I usually carry whatever I am looking at around with me for ten minutes. I used to ask myself "Are you going to want this in ten minutes?" But even then I found that had its flaws. So I carry clothes and movies and such around with me for ten minutes to see if I still want it then.
So now I say this to you. Is this still going to be a problem in ten minutes? Is this still going to be an issue tomorrow morning? Better yet...are you reading too deep into something in the first place? I just feel like there are questions we should ask ourselves before we go to others about things. If, after all of the questions, we still are lost in the space sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey, then, we know it's time to get help.
Have you seen that movie? It's not all it's cracked up to be. Vertigo really isn't either. The more I watch these old movies that are staples of film, the more I am disappointed. I mean, I love old movies and so many of them are so wonderful, so deep, so inspired, and so great. But there are some that are just such extreme letdowns. People talk about Citizen Kane that way. I actually really like Citizen Kane. I'm a total Rosebud junkie.
I saw Push tonight and it was entertaining. It was awkward when little Dakota Fanning of the Dakota Fanning Show (what? Are you 'not familiar?' Watch SNL) grew into a potty mouthed superhuman with bad hair color. But it was enjoyable. Lots of asians and you know that I am such a fan! They had the best powers too. I mean, the best is a subjective term. If you think the best is being able to scream and make people's brains explode like tomatos, they were the best. Anyways, I liked it. So I'm a Pusher now too. I'm a Pusher Cady. I'm a Pusher. I'm a pusher with a headache who likes rosebuds. Reggie?

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