Sunday, December 28, 2008

My night with a stripper

Right. I hung out with a stripper tonight that, after she has her baby, she plans on going back to school to get her life back together. That's great. Not that she's getting out of her night job. No. She's ready to go with that. Nice girl though. She really is. Baby Bryce is due in 60 days and he's got three other siblings to spend his life with. She's younger than me.
Really, it isn't that alarming is it? Not like a baptist condoning political views outside of the republican party, now that is alarming.
Point is, I hung out with a stripper tonight that makes legit cash when she's not knocked up and she was a very nice individual. While I am not such a fan of the work that she does, if she can provide for her kids while she finishes school so she can get a real job, who am I to scoff? I am imagining myself doing the same thing if I was in that situation...and THAT is alarming.
I also got mooned tonight but that's really not that alarming. Just another photo opp on the road of life.

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