Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Is" happened to me

A new trend on social networking sites such as Facebook and the heavily over-crowded, over-worked, over-cluttered, and over stimulated Myspace, is.
I didn't make a typo. The trend is.
In our efforts to tell the entire world what we are feeling all the time, we update our status' to let people in on what we are thinking, what we are doing, what we are planning on doing, what we did, or what social cause we should all agree with. But from that has been born, "is."
Blah McBlah is.
Becca St. BeccaBecca is.
Bleep Flarblarp is.
Berf TotPresh is.
I have a feeling that "is" means different things to different people and to analyze what that might mean would be highly obnoxious and counterproductive since it's always going to just be whatever that person meant for it to be. But none the less, people just "is" now.
I can relate though. As the final moments of Benjamin Button were happening and the credits began to roll and that song was playing...I just "is." For real. I can say, that in that moment, I just "is." Well, was. But that doesn't go with the theme. I was processing, but doing it subconsciously, I was deep in thought, I was completely lost in the wonder that was the film and as I sat there and saw lines and lines of people's names scanning across the screen, I "is."
Probably the best part of my day, when I "is."
You can't just "is." It has to happen to you. And so it did.
But I sure didn't update my status to say that. No. I don't really remember what it said then, but it had to be something along the lines of animals dressed as humans or things a monkey would wear, which is basically the same thing and that is more terrifying than people throwing around the use of the word "is."

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