Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eve on repeat

Christmas Eve Eve is not a holiday. It's just another day, but a day that includes that panic inducing moment when you realize that Christmas Eve is the next day. I mean, up until that day, everything is going well, Christmas parties are happening, the semester is ending, and everything is going well. Then you get to this day and you have that moment when you realize that it has all caught up with you and you are out of time completely.
So then what do you do? I mean, you panic and look at the list of things you haven't bought yet and know that you can't make plans anymore because all of your spare time will be spent buying gifts.
I don't have anything against the buying of gifts. I actually love to buy people things and one day, when I have a real job with real money, I will be a gift buying fool. But for now, I struggle with the rest of the economically challenged Americans who will be out searching for the perfect deal the day before Christmas.
I don't care for the Eve Eve thing.

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