Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Stop staring at me.
I'm not kidding.
I'm sitting in class right now and there is this girl who is staring at me from across the room. Stop it.
Why are you doing that? Pay attention dumb little freshman girl. Not that all freshmen girls are dumb, or freshmen in general shouldn't be categorized as dumb. But when they obtain a staring complex, they cross the line from insignificant to irritating.
Other than that girl, life is pretty good right now. There is a new Beyonce album in my life and I want to open mouth kiss her because I love it so much. I have a great Six and I love them, though some of them are fat heads. And I'm only a week away from watching all ten Thanksgiving episodes of FRIENDS.
If she would just stop staring, life would be really good.

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