Thursday, October 2, 2008

Your facebook status...

I find election years to be very funny. And irritating.
I think it's irritating when people make political commentary in their facebook statuses. I don't care what you think. I really don't care to see your stupidity broadcast across the internet.
And I think at the root of it, that is what I hate. I know that people get involved in politics and that's fine. Personally, I find it much more rewarding to get involved with television, but that's just me. I don't need your politics thrust on me by you trying to make a difference within your facebook profile. Do you want to make a difference? Then vote. Shut the hell up and vote.
I think that since I am on a college campus, this is something that is more relevant. I don't care about your opinions and I don't need it thrust into my face.
I will vote for who I want to vote for and I will do it for the reasons that are my own. I don't need to broadcast that. I don't need to tell the whole world what I think and why I think it. That's why I have a blog. I tell you what I think of stupid people and of television and movies...the things that really matter in this world.
So stop it. Stop proving how fundamentally stupid you are. Stop broadcasting the fact that you are an idiot, because if you don't, I am going to have to start calling you out on it. And it will hurt when I have to name names. Which I will. And no one wants that. We all know what happens in Gossip Girl when they start naming names. Big problems. Don't make me go all Serena on you.
You know you love me.

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