Monday, October 20, 2008

Nothin but a song in my heart

So I'm listening to Elvis. He's singing about a Ghetto. I love this song. I mean it. I really do. That and Suspicious Minds. Those songs are my favorite Elvis songs. Sure, I am fond of all of them, but those are the ones that I love the most.
Tonight, one of my friends said that if she had been alive when Elvis was popular, she would have had such a crush on him. So I got to thinking. If Elvis were here, and I could ask him anything, what would I ask?
"Elvis. Can I call you that? Or should it be Mr. Presley? Oh. Okay. Cool. Elvis it is. Well, I just have one question for you, if that's alright? Great. Okay. My question is: Why bananas? Right. In the peanut butter. Why bananas?"
That's honestly what I would ask him. It may be strange, but that's what I want to know.
What if I met Marilyn Monroe?
"Ms. Monroe. You are so beautiful and an inspiration to women. Your full figured look is such a great addition to the pop culture landscape. In about forty years, America Ferrera is going to do the same thing, except that she's not blond and her name sounds like the title of a car. Oh stop. I'm not that funny. Okay. My question is: What do you know?"
You know she knew something about JFK. He had her offed. Totally true.
My question for JFK? "What did Marilyn know?"
For sure.
Well, what about Lucy?
"First. Let me say you are hysterical. I think you're great and though you will destroy your voice and your health with cigarettes, I think you are wonderful. Okay. My question is: How much chocolate did you eat that day?"
Come on. You know that's the best episode and she must have been sick when it was over. Actually, my favorite episodes were the ones that involved musicals. When there was the dream and the song about "A McGuilicuddy is Here" and the one when they put on the musical for a fundraiser with the "Queen of the Gypsies" song? You know. "Gyp,Gyp,Gyp of the Gypsies?" When the checks were post dated? Those were my favorites.
I loved that episode of Saved by the Bell when they were rock stars too and it was all music. Zach had on that rockin green sequin jacket. "Friends Forever" is still quite the anthem. Its just my favorite episode of that show.
I love the shows with music in them. More shows should incorporate singing. Pushing Daisies has. Its wonderful. Kristin Chenoweth singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You?" That's good TV. The Cosbys did it when they "sang" for their grandparents and they all had on those gloves. Laverne and Shirley sang to us at the beginning of each episode. Karen and Jack would sing on Will and Grace. Smelly Cat. Family Guy regularly breaks into song as did Animaniacs.
Which brings me back to Lucy. Well, Ethel actually.
"Viviane Vance. What a great name. I mean, its like you were born to live a life of stardom. Come on. You know that without you, that show would have been nothing. Its true. Ricky singing? Not funny. Ricky singing with you and Lucy pretending to be chorus girls. That's comedy. I mean it. Your name was destined to be written on the pages of television history. Its just perfect. You're welcome. Well, my question for you is: What's your real name?"

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