Saturday, October 18, 2008

Great Texts

What I should have titled this is: "Mass Texts."
I know that we all send them. We have a great idea or thought and then we send the same text to a bunch of people. Or when we are making plans, we send the same text to five people. Whatever. It's not a big deal. Or is it?
Why send a mass text to a ton of people that you don't even really care about. Like, when people send mass texts on Christmas or New Years. But come on. Do you really mean that? Do you really mean it when fifty people get the same text from you at the same time?
My favorite thing is when people that you don't talk to anymore send out the mass text and somehow, you make the cut. What did I do to make the cut?
What does anyone ever do to make the cut? And do I really want to be cut in with the rest of that? I don't think I do.
So cut me out. I've already done my part of cutting out you.

(This message brought to you by I.B.Inc. International Bitterness Incorporated.)

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