Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All my fruit.

Everyone has a pre-test ritual. For some, they walk over to the class, reading through their notes for one last glance. For some, they get coffee or soda. Some people don't have a specific ritual for tests, thus not having one becomes their ritual.
But I saw a pre test calm down today. First, it was a midterm for Advanced English Grammar. Awful. So, I'm silent, I don't have anything to say. People around me are talking about how hard this class is. Blah blah blah. Then I look over and this girl who is very quiet in class is getting herself back to center. Like, doing the hand motions to bring herself to a very centered place.
So I keep watching because, lets face it, that's good stuff. She did the big breath and exhale and when she exhaled, she pushed her hands down toward her lap, thus pushing the stress down toward her legs. That's a good place for stress apparently.
She closed her eyes and brought her hands to the center of her chest, again pushing them toward her lap. This time, her hands stopped on the desk and she whispered, what I am guessing was, a prayer. She opened her eyes and gave herself a slight smile, and that was it.
Our russian Advanced English Grammar prof walked in, handed our our exams, and over the next hour, my brain turned to jello, you know, the gross kind. The kind where you can see fruit floating in it. All my fruit was floating in my jello after that exam.
I didn't get to ask her if her ritual helped her out or not. I'm hoping that my ritual of looking over my notes while I watched Gossip Girl was a good idea.

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