Saturday, September 6, 2008

V for Fall.

The first V of the fall. The first V of the fall! Today I saw the first V of the fall.
I realize now that this could be read a few different ways. Don't worry. I'm here to assure you that the first V of the fall was made of birds and not something else. Perves.
Its hard to tell when the weather is still in the 90s, but fall is here. Today was the first real day that felt like my favorite season, the fall.
Picture it. Its Saturday. The cool morning weather enabled us to have the windows of the apartment open. My fall scented candle is burning in the kitchen. There is a football game tonight.
We are at the game and the first V of the season flies over head. Its the fall. My favorite season.
To further cement this occasion, the MTV Video Music Awards are on tomorrow night. My favorite awards show of them all. Sure, the Oscars are the best. But I feel like they are so much above all the rest that they shouldn't be counted. Therefore, the VMAs are my favorite. Tomorrow, I will celebrate them all day. New fall cds are coming out, college football games, soon new Christmas albums will be out, my TV shows are starting back up again. Its the fall.
And today, with the first V, let the fall commence.

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