Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Sicilian Kind

Curse you Rachel Zoe. Curse you.
Not really.
Yes, I'm watching her show. Back off. It's kinda fascinating. The assistants who fight and then joke and laugh. The husband who no one knew existed til this show. The designers who she meets with and that lingering question of whether Donna Karen actually is her friend or if she was just a staged designer interview to make the show more legit. Was I the only one who lost sleep over that?
I did, in fact, lose sleep over it. I should have been sleeping but I was watching it rerun in the middle of the night instead.
But back to cursing
Curse you Zoe!
I was shopping for a new shirt and possibly a vest and it was the strangest thing, and I swear this has never happened before, but I saw a rack of designer clothes and I went straight to them. Now don't get any ideas, it was at a discount store and what was probably hundreds on 5th Avenue, I got for much much less. But I was walking around (for the ten minutes it takes to make the decision) with this shirt and I then made another snap decision. I was going to go and try it on.
Pause. I don't try things on. I see it, I like it, and after ten minutes I either buy it or I don't. But I went and tried on two shirts. The DKNY shirt didn't fit, as cool as it was. But the other shirt fit perfectly.
And so there I was, walking out of the store with a Michael Kors shirt and feeling great about myself.
I actually know where his studio is in Manhattan and I've seen it before. I can thank Rachel Zoe for that too I guess. See, I was in the elevator and the doors opened and I saw it but it wasn't until I saw it on the Zoe Project that I knew it was his. I knew it was a designers studio, I just didn't know whose. But I do now and his name is now embroidered on the inside of my shirt.
So I curse you Rachel Zoe with a Sicilian curse. I curse your catchy phrases, your designer awareness, and panic attacks. I'm addicted to your show and its changing the way I shop. I'm a man. I don't need this newness. The old way was fine.
But here I am, shutting it down on a daily basis. Curses.

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