Monday, September 15, 2008

My view from under the bus.

So, I was feeling pretty crappy tonight. I was recently thrown under the bus by my friends and it was so irritating. If you have ever seen the underside of "the bus," you know what I mean. You don't regret the things you said because someone had to say it, but you still feel a little like an A-hole because you know that people should have backed you up.
Whatever. So I am feeling crappy.
I am finishing homework that has consumed my life all day long and it is so irritating. I am flipping through the channels so that there will be some sort of noise as I am preparing to go to bed and I come across the Discovery channel.
Now, you know that my favorite movie, or one of the top four, is Jurassic Park. What is the show that is on? A show about how they are doing what they did in that movie and they are getting so close to actually being able to make dinosaurs happen again.
For real.
Look. I know that cloning is strange and I am not really all about that stuff. Having said that, these are dinosaurs. The possibilities of making a dinosaur is the most exciting thing I have ever heard.
Do I actually believe that it will work? Not really. But the thought it wonderful. It's like whenever there is a show about the Lock Ness monster on, I am there. Nessie is for real. That's what I believe.
So, I'm excited about the prospect of making a dinosaur and animal activists saying that we are hurting the unborn ostrich and PETA will be up in arms and throw blood on things. Then someone will take the scientists to court and try to prevent them from doing it, all the while, they know that they have already done it and have just not said anything about Tigger the T-Rex that is living in some government facility somewhere. Probably area 51. That's my guess. Of course, something would happen it will get out, creating chaos, and then someone saying that this was going to happen, and they will have to shoot it and animal activists would be sad and would cry over it. Someone would pirate the technology and begin to create more dinosaurs and the San Diego zoo will be pissed and try to buy the dinosaurs. Suddenly, Steven Speilberg is at the grand opening and there are armed guards on duty at all times. Terrorists try to attack them and the national symbol of the bald eagle is replaced by Sarah the Stegosaur. Meanwhile, Nessie isn't scared of being seen anymore and she makes a weekly appearance at a festival held in her honor.
It's a bright future that we have to look forward to and though I can't see all of it from where I lay under the bus, I know that it will only get brighter as Nessie, Sarah, and all of their friends come out and live life proudly, unashamed of what they are. It's a coming out story for the ages...literally.

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