Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where At Least I Know I'm Free

I'm so over China.
I said it.
And I'm not taking it back.
Look, this whole thing with the Olympic games has been one disaster after another. Why the Olympic committee chose China is beyond me anyways. We all know that all of their rules and regulations were going to be a problem.

I truly appreciate America. I appreciate that we can say what we want and go where we want. I appreciate the Lil Kim can wear an outfit with her boob hanging out and that Diana Ross can jiggle it like she was Bill Cosby with a jiggler. I appreciate that bad drag queens can be on America's Got Talent and pretend to be celebrities. I appreciate that we can go to church when we want to and make mistakes if we want to, and have eight kids if we want, and that even though we pollute our cities, at least we have restrictions on it. We don't have to shut down the factories so that the air can be clean enough for the athletes to compete. Fools.

I don't care what kind of temples are there. I don't care how incredible the wall is. I don't care how many thousand of those terra cotta soldiers are hidden there. I don't care about any of it. You have to treat people with respect and not like possessions.
And lastly, I appreciate a land where reality television can win an Emmy. The land of the free, now that's comedy.

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