Friday, August 8, 2008


It's the first day of the Olympics now and you know how I feel about China and the way that they do things, but let me tell you...commys know how to throw a party. Most incredible opening ceremony I have ever seen and with a performance from Sarah Brightman and an asian children's choir, my world is complete.
But enough about that. Let's talk about pride in our country shall we?
First, I am very open about the fact that I am proud to be an American. We all know that. But I always find myself more patriotic during the Olympics than at any other time. I realize that's natural. Most countries respond that way and that's great.
But I have never been so passionately patriotic than when the USA Olympians walked into the opening ceremony. There might have been screaming. There might have been yelling. There might have been clapping...which evolved into clapping and chanting...which evolved into clapping, chanting, and hand motions. Maybe.
And then we, with the Prez, stood up, well, who are we to be sitting at a time like this? So then it was, clapping, chanting, hand motions, and bouncing.
I think my favorite moment was when we reenacted the part of the song "Shout" when it gets a little bit softer now. Our "U-S-A" chants got softer and softer til they were whispers. Silent chants of the nation that we love. And as it swelled, we became louder, and louder, and louder, until we were shouting and clapping and bouncing and you get the picture.
Yes. Everyone in my apartment was over 21 years of age. No, it doesn't matter one bit to me that I am 25 and cheering. The Olympics are something that is the highest honor that someone can have. That and an Oscar. And a Nobel Prize. But what else compares? Not the Grammy, not the Emmy, not the blue ribbon at the country fair, and not even a Genius Grant. A gold medal at the Olympics is recognized no matter where you are from and what road of life you walk on. Some people don't care about movies, they are fools, but still. So having an Oscar does nothing for them. But a gold medal is universally recognized. Kinda like Visa and Coca Cola.
So, I am proud of my country, I am ready for some gold medals, I want to cry when I watch them win it, I want to cheer, I want to listen to the Olympic music and feel like I am a part of something great.
And maybe I want to chant and bounce again. With a Coke.

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